10 Things I’ve Learned So Far in 2017

Honestly, there’s a lot I could say about the year 2017. Through the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows (okay, I sound preachy, I’m annoyed with myself), I genuinely feel like 2017 has been a pretty okay year for me so far (I mean, hello, I got married!!). According to an Elle.com article, this year is the start of The Age of Aquarius. And since I am an Aquarius (I mean, wasn’t it obvious?), this year has been particularly exciting for me in many ways.

Currently, I am sitting at the Austin airport waiting to catch a flight to Indianapolis (it’s been delayed 4 hours, #itsfine). As I drink my mountain dew & munch on my m&m’s (diet of champions), I decided I want to share everything I’ve learned so far in 2017. So, here’s what I learned, in no particular order


1.Wedding planning turned me into a monster, in a good way. 

Like, no joke. It was awful at first. I was so mean to my mom (still really sorry about that, mom!!), and I’m pretty sure Colin wanted to kill me at least 3 times a week.

I became so obsessed with planning every little detail, that I started becoming obsessed with planning every little detail in my regular life. Because of this, I would become so irritated whenever one little thing went wrong (like, for example, if I wanted to have coffee, but we were out of K-cups, I’d have a meltdown. Terrible. Awful. I hate me too.).

But then, I started to realize I was being a moron and started to instead begin planning for every thing to go wrong. I would always buy extra K-cups, and show up to places early, and sharpen 15 boxes of pencils for my classroom, even though I don’t even have enough students to balance out the pencils. It’s fine. I’m a more organized person now!!

2. I’m actually, like, really good at my job. 

The first two years of teaching were literally horrible and awful for me. Anyone who says that the first two years of teaching are enjoyable are either lying or not human beings. Yes, there were moments of happiness of hope, but having to navigate a new career field while trying to keep my head above water in the adult world was tough (why is the real world so expensive?). Now that I’m in my 3rd year of teaching, I think I finally have most of it figured out (the big stuff, anyways). I know how to craft good lesson plans, and I’m really good at reading my audience (aka my students) and changing the direction of the lesson on the spot if needed. My college professors would be so proud (I think).

3. Taylor Swift still rocks.

This doesn’t even need an explanation. If you aren’t patiently waiting for her new album to drop in November, honestly what are you even doing?

4. Getting into a fully funded graduate program is still at the top of my bucket list.

How cool would that be? Also, it’s really hard.

5. I really don’t love Snapchat anymore.

College me can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m over Snapchat. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things (ahem…Instagram, basically).

6. I’m still really good at eating chicken nuggets

Like, I can demolish a 12 count from Wendy’s in 5 minutes. #nodaysoff

7. I am very efficient at Googling things.

For example. I didn’t know how to cut an avocado, so I Google’d it. I didn’t know how to get cream cheese chunks out of my banana bread batter, so I Google’d it. I am basically an FBI agent, you guys.

8. Traveling is the best and I need to do it more often.

Is there anything better than exploring a new city & going to new places? No. Why is traveling so expensive and why can’t I do it as my full time job?

9. It is actually humanly possible to only function on one cup of a coffee a day.

I wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s possible. I’ll stick to my 3 cups a day, thanks. Also, it’s much cheaper to make coffee from my Keurig (best bridal shower gift ever!!) than it is to buy a $5 Starbucks latte every day. Also, I am so obsessed with coffee that I have a Keurig at home and in my classroom. If you ever want to buy me a present…please buy me Green Mountain Breakfast Blend K Cups. TYSM.

10.  Friday Night Lights is still the best show ever.

Remember watching the pilot episode where Jason Street gets hurt (RIP) and having to put your faith in Matt Saracen to finish the game strong? You know you cried. Also, today, on my way for the airport, I stopped at THE Dillion Panthers fieldhouse (it’s actually right beside the Austin airport. Who knew?!). Also, the Dillon Panthers aren’t real, but are modeled after the Pflugerville Panthers. But they really did film in a LOT of Austin locations. AND (if you’re from Texas & know football, you’ll get this reference), there was a real life “Jason Street” who got hurt playing football. In the show, Jason Street was injured as the Dillion Panthers played “Westerby” aka WEST LAKE!!” Some people say West Lake is the best lake, but we all know that LT is way better. But I digress.

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