Hey everyone! Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet. If this is your first time here, welcome! I’m Megan, the human behind Megan’s Mosaic. I’m 25 years old, and currently reside in Austin, TX. I grew up in a small town in Indiana, and somehow found my self in the south this past year.

I use my blog as a way to indulge in my hobbies and passions. I love coffee, Instagram, traveling, trying new foods, and exploring this beautiful universe. I love to create content & share it with the world.

A few things you should know…

  • I adore coffee. Like, 3 cups a day sort of adoration.
  • There’s nothing I love more than spending time with my man & our pup
  • I crave new experiences at the deepest core of my being
  • I love to inspire people & be inspired by other people


When did you start blogging and why?: I started blogging at the end of 2015, when I was living in florida with my then-boyfriend and now-husband, Colin. I had been talking endlessly about starting a blog as a creative outlet. I grew up writing & taking pictures of the world, and wanted a home base to share those experiences with the people around me.

Why did you name your blog Megan’s Mosaic?: Honestly, I didn’t love the word “mosaic” when I first tried it out, but the more I said it, the more it stuck with me! By definition, the word “mosaic” means collection or collage, and that’s really what I wanted my site to be – a collage of my life.

What did you study in school? My original major at Purdue University (boiler up!) was elementary education, though I switched to English Education during my sophomore year. I graduated in December 2014 with a Bachelor’s in English!

Where are you from? I hail from Indiana, but have spent time in New York, Florida, and now Texas!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a blog? Just do it! It can be a scary path through uncharted territory (for me, entering the digital formatting world was like trying to learn a foreign language in a day), but so worth it. The most important thing is to just start WRITING. I feel like so many people feel the pressure to have the perfect site and images and color scheme, but if your content isn’t authentic, you’ll quit “blogging” after a day. Also – don’t get discouraged by how confusing the digital formatting world is – it may take a lot of time to figure out, but it’s worth it in the end.

Who is Colin? Colin is my husband! We got married in July of 2017, and are enjoying life as newlyweds We met as camp counselors at the best summer camp in upstate New York, Camp Walden. Colin is my behind the scenes guy both here on Megan’s Mosaic, and in my every day life. He supports me when I have meltdowns, takes all photos of me, and agrees to be my guinea pig when it comes to testing photo locations/lighting. Colin is truly my better half 🙂 *sighs romantically*