New Year’s Resolutions That You Can And Should Stick To

Overlooking Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory

January 4th, 2015

Happy 2016! Along with a new year comes new memories, new friends, and, of course, new resolutions. ,New years resolutions can be so hard to stick to! Some of you may not understand the point of resolutions, some of you may not know where to begin, and some of you may already have your sights set (and are totally determined to drop that 10 pounds!). Whatever your standpoint is, I’ve made a list of resolutions that you can (and should) definitely stick to (I’ve also included some things you should just start doing!).

1)  Cut the toxic people out of your life

You genuinely don’t need negativity in your life! Toxic friendships, though they may be ones you’ve kept for a significant amount of time, will only bring you down in the end. Once you let go of people and events that only cause you pain, you are setting yourself up for success. Less drama, less problems.

2) Eat healthier for the right reasons

There’s nothing worse than starving your body of both healthy foods and healthy ideas! If you’re dieting, make sure it’s for the right reasons. Do you need Chipotle 3 times a week? No, probably not. And it won’t kill you to drink a glass of water every now and then (how about we all just start doing this in the  morning and get it over with!). But you shouldn’t starve yourself just because you’re not satisfied with what you see in the mirror. Eat clean because you want to be healthy!

3) Pick some place to travel to/visit and ACTUALLY do it.

About a year ago (maybe two), I caught the travel bug…the same time my best friend did. Grab a travel buddy and just book that ticket. If you don’t go now, you’re never going to. Yes, you need to save your money & be wise about your spending. But what are you working towards if not to actually get  out there and experience something new? Jack Kerouac once said, “Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.”

4) Give up the social media accounts you don’t absolutely need.

Yes, I have an Instagram/Facebook/Blog/Twitter/Youtube/Pinterest/Vine/EVERYTHING. My personal resolution is to get rid of the social media accounts I don’t really need. If you’re constantly feeling depressed/bad about yourself every time you log on to the internet, maybe that’s your issue. Stop sitting on your phone switching between apps and just go live your best life (I’ll never give up Instagram. You can pry my Insta from my cold, dead hands!!!) Jealous of someone swimming in Mexico? Get off your ass & work for it. Feel like taking a trip to Los Angeles (peep my recent pics)? Put money away from your paycheck, book an Airbnb with your bestie, and just do it? Don’t just scroll on your social media feeling sorry for yourself.

5) Give more compliments

Whether in the workplace, at school, or even online, positivity can have a huge impact on your life. Not only will you have made someone feel good, but you’ll feel great for positively impacting someone. In my classroom, I love giving my students compliments (about their hard work, progress, or even that I’m so happy to have them as a student!) and it instantly brightens their mood. Stop thinking negative thoughts and start spreading the love, y’all.

6) If you really want to lose weight…buddy up and set a goal.

As I sit here and wish I weighed the 125 pounds that I did when I was 16 (and I had a 6-pack to boot), I wonder where my life went wrong (thanks a lot, college…beer and pizza, we need to talk). Losing weight is hard enough as it is, and I personally need to hold myself accountable. One of my best friends, Courtney, tipped me towards a few things in this category. I’ve started using the app “Lose It” and it reeeeeally puts it into perspective for me. One Reece’s cup is a billion categories?!? Torture. It’s really helped me watch what I put into my body. (pro-tip: become friends with your friends on this app & check in on each other’s progress! Chellsey, have you logged today?!) Secondly, don’t allow yourself to buy ANY new clothes until you’ve hit your goal. This is SO hard for me, as i love love love to shop. But shopping for new clothes should be a reward. Setting goals for yourself (if you’re competitive like me) can really be a strong motivator.

7)  Take More Pictures

If you were to ask my boyfriend, he would say I take WAY too many pictures. However, I am a firm believer that you can never have enough memories. Whether you’re uploading these photos to Instagram, hanging them in cute frames inside your home, or making a scrapbook, take more pictures. After all, the best things in life are the people you love, the places you travel, and the memories you make. So make more memories, and take more pictures.

8) Try New Things

Whether you’re trying these things on your own or with your significant other, don’t be afraid to branch out! Take that Zumba class, even if you have no idea what you’re doing. Wanna see that new movie, but nobody to go with? Try going by yourself. I preferred doing that for a long time (and now Colin gets to see me ugly cry), and it can actually be liberating (I may or may not have cried twice watching The Good Dinosaur recently…in a theatre full of children. But it’s fine. It was dark and nobody saw me!). Regardless, start doing and trying new things. Trying new things is how you make new memories.


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