Weeknight Reading

Weeknight Reading!

January 14th, 2015

I spend a good majority of my free time doing what most other people do: surfing the web on my computer. While others may spend that time on social media, I spend 90% of my technology time doing this: reading. I love reading anything and everything, from Cosmo to Buzzfeed to New York Times to NPR. I also love online shopping (who doesn’t?). And now that I officially did not win the Powerball (thanks a lot, universe), I’ve decide to  compile a list of links to some current reading+crafting+inspo. Enjoy!


  • This New York Times article, written by a Duke law professor and former federal prosecutor, is a very interesting read for those of you who are as obsessed with the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” as I am. 
  • I love this compilation of charts and info, provided by Buzzfeed, about eating healthy. Really helps!
  • I am obsessed with agendas. I would seriously buy every single one, except I don’t really need them. This Kate Spade agenda would make a great gift for a January/February birthday! Or even for Valentine’s day gifts
  • Once I hit my goal weight, the first thing I’m buying is this adorable high waisted swim suit from The Flaunt Shop. And if you use the code TWENTY at check out, you can get an additional percentage off…their semi-annual sale is going on right now over at
  • If you’re like me and need a little end of the week motivation, this Kelly Cutrone quote is one that I absolutely live by. 
  • It’s never too early to start thinking about the next holiday…this post shares some super cute Valentine’s Day home decor ideas!



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