I Tried Rocksbox…And Here’s What Happened

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written. Life has gotten in the way, and with standardized testing coming up at school, I’ve spent every second of my free time preparing my 10th graders for the FSA!

So anyways, I was contacted by via email and offered a chance to be a Rocksbox Influencer. Having been following Rocksbox on Instagram for some time, I was super stoked! If you don’t know what Rocksbox is, it’s basically a membership based jewelry styling service. Sort of like Birchbox or Graze, Rocksbox sends you a box a month with 3 pieces of jewelry to try out…but you send back the pieces you don’t want to keep, and keep any pieces that you want to buy.

Your pieces are chosen for you based on the style survey that Rocksbox has you take. Don’t like rings or bracelets? No problem! They won’t send you any. That’s probably my favorite part. Also, the pieces they send you are actually pretty high quality. So here’s a quick review of my first box. (PS – If you wanna try Rocksbox free for a month, sign up at and use the code MEGANMBFF6 for a free month 🙂 ):


  1. Delivery time was great! Once I had signed up for Rocksbox, it only took about 3-4 days to get my first box. The  packaging was also super cute. It made me feel like my personal stylist, Jessica, had spent her precious time making the box look impeccable for me.

2. Piece #1


I love this necklace, the “Gwenyth” from Perry Street. Unfortunately, this necklace had two jewels fall off sometime during transit (sad face), but after contacting Rocksbox, my account was credited with additional “Forever Spend,” (which is basically $$ on your account towards buying products) and they will send me this product again in the future, if I want.


3. Piece #2

These earrings from Gorjana are super cute! I got lots of compliments on them. The gold goes with everything, and they didn’t irritate my ears (I have super sensitive skin on my ears, and most earrings irritate them!). At $27, I would probably buy these.


4. Piece #3

This Chain Mail Necklace from Slate is perfect for a night out. It would really upgrade an outfit. I wore this to school, actually, with an all black ensemble & it looked killer. I love black and gold (but I’m biased, because black and gold were my college colors). Surprisingly, it wasn’t too heavy. I think the $56 is a little too pricey for me on this piece, but if I put my “Forever Spend” credit towards this, I would buy it for $30. Higher prices usually means higher quality, and I would definitely say this piece is high quality.


5. Pricing

At $20 a month, I actually think Rocksbox is a great deal. It allows you to try out pieces you maybe generally wouldn’t buy, and then decide if you like that style or not. There are so many different products on Rocksbox. I am very hesitant when it comes to buying jewelry, so Rocksbox is a great chance for me to try out different styles, and then know if I would buy that style in the future.


I really think all jewelry and style lovers should give Rocksbox a try, at least for a month or two. Feel free to try a free month on me, when you use the code MEGANMBFF6 at check out. Let me know what you think!


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