We Moved to Texas!

Hi y’all! (Am I allowed to say that now?) For those of you who don’t know, Colin and I decided to leave south Florida. While we very much enjoyed our time there and loved the people we became close with, we just knew it wasn’t the right place for us. But apparently we loved the sweltering heat, so we moved 18 hours to Austin, Texas!
We got in yesterday, and things have been fabulous so far. We are both waiting to hear back from jobs, so keep us in your prayers! In the meantime though, we plan on exploring the city and trying new things!
My first impression of Austin: I already love it more than South Florida. Yes, that is a bold statement given I’ve been in the state of Texas for 48 hours. But the people here remind of my home in the Midwest. Everyone is friendly and polite, which warms my heart. Tony is loving the new dog park, our apartment is just the cutest, and we are a 2 minute drive from anything we could need…not to mention 15 minutes from the airport and 20 from downtown!
If anyone has any suggestions of places to go or things to do, please reach out or leave a comment below!



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