Instagram Round-Up!

Hi everyone! I feel like I’m always apologizing for my lack of posts, but, life gets in the way, ya know?!

Anyways, I just returned to Texas from a vacation to Indiana to see my family. While there, I did some back to school shopping. Why are teacher clothes so expensive?! And why is it so hard to find cute teacher outfits?! Ugh.

My mom & I went shopping in both Michigan and Indiana, and I truly found some beauties! I posted pictures of several of them on Instagram, and I’m going to share them here for you. Most of you know I am a bargain queen just like my mom (s/o to you, Denise!!!), so none of my pieces were over $50. Living life on a teacher salary ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.


yellow romper

  1. Yellow Romper – Okay, so, this romper hasn’t quite made in to Instagram yet, but I love it so much! I purchased it at Target on clearance for like $10…but they don’t have it on their website any more, which is sad. But here are a few similar options that I love!

Texas Forever


2. Texas Forever – I wish this shirt said “Team Riggins,” but I’ll accept the Texas Forever quote. I actually purchased this shirt at the University of Texas bookstore, aka the Co-Op. The shirt is a Men’s small, but the fit and fabric are amazing! And it’s under $20.


polka dot dress


3. I am obsessed with this polka dot take on an LBD. And I got it for $15 at JC Penney! Seriously, their clearance racks have some killer deals (many of which will appear on my Instagram soon). Online, the price is $30. What I’ve found with JC Penney is that while their online sale/clearance prices are fair, you can’t beat their clearance racks. This dress actually comes in pink and blue as well, and I’m about to buy them both! I bought the black in a size 10 (petites).


Off the shoulder top


4. I love this off the shoulder ruffle top so much! I love the length and the color. It is so perfect for brunch or date night! And guess where I got it…yep, JC Penney clearance as well! Of course, that means I can’t find it online. But I’ve found three similar shirts, one red, one navy, and one pink!


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