Planner Review!

Happy August! Now that 2016 is well into the latter half of the year, that means it’s time for one thing…school! Naturally I am completely unorganized, and I rely heavily on the Calendar app on my iPhone, a wall calendar, and a planner organizer. Yes, I know that sounds repetitive, but I have to write things down like three times before it’s engrained into my memory.

Last fall, I decided to branch out from the usual planner that I’d pick up at Walmart or Target or whatever. So I did some Googling, and I stumbled across Passion Planner. Little did I know at the time that my fiancé’s aunt had been using a Passion Planner since day 1 (shout out to you, Aunt Lizzy!). However, I had read great reviews and seen a few people on Instagram with one, and now that I have mine, I am absolutely enamored with it.

If you don’t know about Passion Planner, I’ll break it down for you real simple: it’s just like any other planner, but better. The CEO, Angelia Trinidad, found herself unsure of where her life was headed (just like me and every other twenty something!!!). She pulled herself out of the rut she was in (her words, not mine…you can watch the video here), and decided she needed to build a planner that was better than all of the other planners out there.

And so she did. FYI, this is not a paid endorsement. This is just how much I believe in what she has done & how it can help those like her and me. I have SO many different passions. I’m a teacher, a writer, a blogger, a social media connoisseur, aspiring photographer, cheer coach, the list goes on. I have one zillion things to do and my mind is always turning.

The main reason Passion Planner is so much better than other planners is because it helps you straighten out not only your day to day life, but what you want out of life. The Passion Planner gives you a way to organize your goals & helps you identify the steps you need to take to reach those goals, whatever they may be. There is room for short term and long term goals, and each month comes with a monthly reflection.




Month Overview


I love how easy it is to color code, reflect on my goals for the week, and separate my personal and work tasks that need done. I also love that each Passion Planner is hand checked for perfection before shipment.


Week View

What I also love is that it comes in multiple colors & sizes. You can choose dated or undated, as well as a Sunday or Monday start. I have a “Monday” start in Paradise Blue. Mine is also undated, meaning I write the dates in as I go. What I really loved about having an undated planner is if I get REALLY lazy and skip a week or two, I don’t have to waste any pages and can pick up where I left off.



If you’re not sure about this whole Passion Planner thing, take my word for it. Or, just go to their website. Or search them on Instagram and you’ll see why everyone loves them. Right now, they’re having a major sale on their 2016 planners…so you can get a January 2016 – December 2016 planner for just $5. Yes, I know that’s only until the end of this year, but $5 is basically a no-risk investment on your part. If you don’t like it, you only lost $5. You can’t even buy a value meal at McDonald’s for $5.

If you do decide to buy a Passion Planner (which you absolutely should!!!!) use my name & email when you sign up, so they know that I sent you: Megan Grider,


One thought on “Planner Review!

  1. Megan is totally corrrect!!!!!! Been with Passion Planner since day 1, and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! It goes everywhere I go! And at night I take it to bed to write notes about the day, do my to do list for tomorrow, or just doodle as I wind down!!!! -Aunt Lizzy


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