Life Is Better When You Love Your Devices…

Happy hump day, everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Labor Day Weekend – I know I sure did. Colin & I spent the weekend in Dallas cheering on the Longhorns as they earned a hard fought victory against Notre Dame (yes I know the game was in Austin…we were visiting family!). 

I’ve been asked a lot lately about my computer case & phone case. I firmly believe that I live a happier life when I’m satisfied with my MacBook & iPhone cases. I know, that sounds so dumb, but it’s true!

I got both my MacBook Skin & iPhone case from Caseapp, and I have LOVED them since I got them!

Blogger friends, I customized both the phone case & computer skin to match my blog logo and background – and I’m so glad I did. It was so easy to customize, actually, that I want to make like ten more. 

If you aren’t an Apple person, Caseapp actually does computer skins and phone cases for nearly ALL brands!

Use my code MEGANSMOSAIC20 for 20% off your purchase (I promise you’ll want to take advantage of this!!). Stay tuned for my second post about my phone case & how I customized it!


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