Love Your Nails

Happy almost Christmas! Today on my Instagram, I featured of picture of my fresh set of nails. Around this time last year, my nail tech in Florida, Tommy, whom I miss so much, introduced me to something that’s better than acrylic nails: getting my nails dipped. 

There are two major “brands” of nail dipping. SNS and NexGen. I’ve never used SNS, strictly NexGen. And I truly love it. 

I promise you that this is in no way shape or form a sponsored post. If you’re not familiar with NexGen, or getting your nails “dipped,” it’s similar to acrylics in the sense that you start with getting your nails buffed with a nail drill. There are 4 liquids that are used on the nail.

First up is the prep. This is the base that goes on first. 

A clear coat, the bonding coat, is applied.

Next is the activator coat. 

Followed by the colored powder of your choice. 

(Image not my own.)

This process is repeated a few times on top of your nail. Then, it’s smoothed out with a buffer brush and sometimes a drill, and then followed by a top coat. 

I’ve always hated acrylic nails. My nail beds always ended up brittle and cracked, plus the taking off of acrylics was always so painful. While the process does take a bit longer and you may pay more for a full NexGen set than an acrylic set (typically $35+ at most salons), I’ve found that the result is worth it. 

The best way to find a salon that does NexGen is to search it on Yelp. When I moved to Texas, I simply searched “NexGen Austin Texas” on yelp and found a salon, Luxe Nails, on Burnett Road. The first tech I tried at the salon had no idea what she was doing – she was buffing my nails with the drill and it was so painful! If it ever hurts to get your nails buffed with the drill, it’s because your tech is doing it wrong, and you need to speak up. I asked for a new tech, and to this day she is the only one at the salon whom I let go near my nails! Her name is Ivy, and she is a rockstar. 

When it comes to taking off NexGen nails, the process is simple. They soak a cotton ball in pure acetone, stick it on your nail, and wrap the ends of your fingertips in aluminum foil for 5-10 minutes. When that 5-10 minutes is up, the polish will slide right off of your fingernails. If it doesn’t, more acetone needs used and your nails need to soak longer. 


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