Home Office Decor!

Happy February! For me, this month is so busy. My birthday and Colin’s birthdays are a day apart, and we are in the heart of wedding planning! Luckily, Plum & Post  made it possible for me to take a break from wedding planning and revamp my home decor. 

I picked out 3 pieces from Plum & Post, and I am obsessed with all of them! My interior decor felt like it was a little bit lackluster, and these pieces really give it some flair. The first piece is a wire wall decor item in the shape of an owl, and it is absolutely adorable. It was originally $45, but you can get it for sale for just $5 right now! 

The second piece is a wooden vintage clock with giant numbers that gives our home office a little touch of Texas! It’s currently on sale for only $20, which is a total steal! It also comes in green. 

The third piece is a classic red table lamp. The lamp shade has names of cities from around the world, and is by far my favorite piece. It was really easy to assemble and the quality is amazing!

They’ve got so many great sales going on right now, and you’ll definitely want to take advantage! Head over to to browse their items, and head to my Instagram @megansmosaic for your chance to win a $25 giveaway! 


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