Bye February! Hello March! 

One thing I used to do that I’ve kind of stopped doing is end of the month reflections! Last year, I was really good about sitting down at the end of every month, reflecting on my goals, and looking at the progress that I’ve made. Once the school year started up and I had lots of papers to grade and lots of cheerleading events to attend, I sort of neglected my own outside-of-work passions. So at the end of every month, I want to share my top 5 tips/lessons/advice that I have learned over the course of each month!
1. Make more me time. – I know this one is easier said than done, but it’s true. If you don’t set aside time for yourself, whether that’s catching up on Instagram, getting a pedicure, or even just watching a little bit of Netflix, you’ll burn out so much faster. I didn’t have hardly any “me time” in January or February, and I really need to start working on that more.

2. Spread as much positivity as possible. – Often times, we forget that in the midst of our everyday struggles, there is someone who probably has it worse. We also often forget how much of an impact we have on the people around us. One thing that my fiancé said to me a few weeks ago in a situation that had be upset was this: what’s the Christian thing to do?  Whether or not you’re religious, you can still be a good person. This is the one thing I try to take with me to work every day. Spread as much positivity as you can to the people around you and your day will be so much better!

3. Drink more water – I know that it was easy to not take care of your body in high school and in college, but now that we’re out of those years, it’s even more important for us to really focus on keeping our energy level as high as possible. Drinking a ton of water can be annoying because it makes you have to pee a lot, but you really will notice a difference if you start consuming a lot of it!

4. Budgeting really goes a long way –  I’m pretty blessed to have my dad as my accountant… even though he likes to point out how bad I am at budgeting! A few weeks ago, Colin and I sat down and mapped out our monthly budget. It really made me realize how much money I was spending on trivial things like runs to T.J. Maxx and Starbucks. And while I love both of those things, I definitely need to monitor how much money I spend on them! 

5. Eat the cake – As I get closer and closer to my wedding, my diet is definitely getting healthier and healthier. However, if I don’t let myself indulge a little bit, I’ve noticed that I’m so much more likely to binge and go completely off the rails! If I’m craving a cheeseburger, I’ll have a cheeseburger. But I won’t eat one every day of the week. If I’ve been healthy all day and I’m craving something sweet, it’s OK to have a little bit of ice cream…in moderation. 
I would love to hear your monthly lessons! Leave a comment below and share some advice! 


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