I Tried Lancôme for the First Time 

Happy Saturday! It is a beautiful day in Texas, and it feels like spring! I can’t believe the month of March is almost over. Before I know it, summer will be creeping up on me. 

This week, Influenster sent me a box of Lancôme   Make up products for free for testing purposes! I received a foundation stick, a concealer, a highlighter, and a lipgloss. 

The foundation stick was the perfect shade for my skin, and gave me a medium coverage about what I am used to with my normal foundation, which is a liquid. I have never used a foundation stick before, but I really liked this one, because it allowed me to get close to my hairline without actually getting any of my hair. 

The concealer actually blended really well with the color of the foundation and genuinely helped the bags under my eyes! I’m not usually a big fan of under eye concealer, but if you are, I think this would be a really good one. 
The click and glow highlighter was really unique. I had never used anything like this before, and I’m not sure if I will use it for daily use. Essentially, this tool allows you to click one end and have highlighter be produced on the other end on a blender that allows for direct application to cheekbones, browbonea, and any other place you would normally use your highlighter. It was much easier for me to use the highlighter with my fingers than the tool itself. 

Personally, I was not a fan of the lipgloss, simply because lip glosses do not look good on me and I am not a lipgloss person! The metallic nude was a really pretty shade, and if lipgloss is your thing, you would probably love this one!

Having never used this brand before, I can honestly say I am now a fan. I loved the overall look, as I combined these products with my normal blush and mascara. 


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