An Honest Kat Von D Review

Hi everyone! This week, Influenster sent me some free samples of Kat Von D’s newly re-launched perfume. While some of my posts on Megan’s Mosaic are sponsored posts (I always tell you which ones, of course!), what I love about Influenster is that I get to actually share my honest reviews with my readers. So, with that being said…

I’m not a huge perfume fan. I’ve never really found a fragrance that I feel like didn’t totally drown me out. I’ve tried many different scents & brands, but I don’t have a ~signature~ scent, if you will. So, when my inbox dinged with a notification that I would be receiving some free samples of Kat Von D’s perfume to try, I decided to go into it with an open mind!

Apparently, for the past 8 years or so, fans of Kat Von D’s products have been desiring a revival of the Saint + Sinner Perfume collection, hence the #TheResurrectionIsReal hashtag. I’ve never tried any Kat Von D products, so this is my first interaction with the brand.

Influenster sent me two sample bottles, one of each scent. The “Saint” bottle is clear, and the “Sinner” bottle is black. The Saint perfume is described as “dreamy, romantic, and alluring,” and I would have to agree with that description. It also smells a bit floral to me. The “Sinner” perfume is described as “dark, sultry, and empowering,” but to me it smells a bit tangy or spicy. Personally…I prefer the “Saint” scent, though I think the “Sinner” scent would be fun for a night out.

Price wise, the perfumes range from $22 for a travel size, $65 for the 1.7 oz bottle, and $85 for the 3.4 oz bottle. Personally, that’s a little bit out of my price range. But hey, you can’t put a price on happiness, right? Most of the reviews online, at least on Sephora, are positive! Though I’m not a huge perfume gal, I think this would be a pretty safe gift for a makeup loving/perfume loving friend.




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