Smiling with Smile Brilliant (+ GIVEAWAY!)

Back in August, I was contacted by Smile Brilliant, I was so excited to try their teeth whitening system! Anyone who even remotely knows me knows that I drink a lot of coffee – like, I’m pretty much a Gilmore Girl. If you’ve never heard of Smile Brilliant, it’s essentially an at-home customized whitening system.… Continue reading Smiling with Smile Brilliant (+ GIVEAWAY!)


FEATURE: Jord Wood Watches (and giveaway!)

Hi everyone! Many of you have already probably heard of Jord Wood Watches, but if you haven’t, I’m excited to introduce you to them! I have lots of blogger friends who own Jord Wood Watches, and they love them! The watch I just received is no exception. They have a men’s collection and women’s collection,… Continue reading FEATURE: Jord Wood Watches (and giveaway!)